To methodically build systemic structures that respect diverse voices, those at the top, at the bottom and around the edges, and to elevate anything or one that brings people together.

Our Goal

To build synergy between people who are somewhat unlike each other, and to regularly diminish inequities related to isms and phobias, which frees the mind to think broadly, giving people access to more of what brings innovative ideas into the workplace.


“I that believe you have to create discomfort in order for there to be change.”

— J.C. Faulk, Founder

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Our Objective

To fundamentally change how people who are from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds interact with one another, and give them tools needed to sustain their relationships. 


Our Services

Circles of Voices, LLC creates customized designs for corporations, government agencies, universities, non-profits, and other organizations. Based upon client needs, Circles of Voices, LLC will create and facilitate workshops, focus groups, team building exercises or keynote speeches in order to combat racism, bias, and prejudice.


Warm, gentle, loving people are at the core of diversity and inclusion initiatives. They are the most important, and not the systemic structures that they support. They desire recognition and to be seen and valued. Until the voices at the edge have been brought to the center, we have failed. We have failed. 

Circles of Voices, LLC is fueled by the belief that until the least heard of us is cared for, and until all reasonable voices are attended to, none of us can be free or absolved of being responsible for the inequities in our communities and workplaces.

It is our intention to build relationships across our silos. We want people who infrequently share spaces to know one another, to be connected, with a common desire to make of our world what it could be. This work grows a body of people, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, classes, occupations and ages; who are like-minded about transforming our world into a more peaceful, equitable place. 

We create a synergy that continuously infuses a sense of bonding across difference, which can be called upon in times of great strife and intermittent social unrest. It is also an energy that can drive our day-to-day interactions. 

Our Rationale